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     I can't say enough good things about Martin!  I began working out with him September, 2014; at the time, I weighed 138 pounds, had 35% body fat, and loose flabby skin. My goal was to be able to wear sleeveless tops by summer.  I acheived that goal in January, and believe me I am going sleeveless whenever possible.  I now weigh 125 pounds and have a body fat percentage of ___.  My body is strong, toned, and muscular; I am often ask if I compete.  Martin is knowledgable, encouraging, and motivating.  He is a true professional.  He also has helped me strengthen my shoulder (which I injured due to improper form before I began working out with him).  I am now able to lift heavy again.  I crave and love the pain after a great workout, and when I work out with Martin it's BEAST MODE all the way!

Cathy Morris, 62

"You Are Never Too Old To Start A Goal & Never Too Late To Accomplish It."

     I have known Martin Ochoa for 5 years.  I first met him as a Barista at Peet's Coffee.  I came into his gym two months ago. It was shiny, clean and well appointed.  Martin greeted me enthusiastically and sat me down for a consultation.  I told him I was carrying around 30 extra pounds of fat for the past five years (since I was 59).  I was worried that a woman my age wouldnt be able to take off the extra weight and firm up properly.  He assured me he could do it!  He promised me a "total body transformation" if I worked hard, stayed consistent, and ate right.  In the gym, Martin is always there with a smile on and music playing; this always inspires me.  I have now been training with him one-hour, three times per week, for the past two months.  I am transforming into the woman I once was in my 40's.  Clothes are fitting that have been stashed away in my closet for years, I am buying smaller sizes, and I feel great.  My self image has also imporved drastically.  I signed up for the six-month package and is the best money I ever spent. 

Patty Rouoas, 64

"I Would Rather Be Covered With Sweat at the Gym Than Clothes at the Beach."

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