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Most people avoid acheiving their fitness aspirations because they feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the gym environment.  Here are the top obstacles people face which prevent them from success:


No motivation

Unsure where to begin

Confused by equipment

Feeling judged by others

Ignored by gym staff

No energy

Ignored by fellow gym members

Embarrassed of current physical condition

Poor nutrition

Fad dieting

Lack of results!


Sound familiar to YOU?

Our Philosophy

Here, at Ochoa's Fitness Company, we strive to provide a comfortable environment and a non-intimidating atmosphere.  As a member, you will be guided through your own unique goal-specific program.  Our fitness coaches are the best in the area at helping individuals like you become and stay motivated.  Our staff and the other members of Ochoa's Fitness Company will quickly become your mentors and friends. We are continually seeking new education and staying updated on current fitness and trends to provide you with the best possible service.

Leave Everything Behind

Contact us today so we can start your personal transformation...

Take Action
If not today, When?
Training Programs


We know everybody has different needs and wants.  Every program is custom built for each of our members.  We stick to the program and get you results!

Anybody Can Do It


A body in motion stays in motion.  Read true stories about individuals of all ages who have changed their lives here at Ochoa's Fitness Co.  It starts now!

Here At The Gym


We stay updated on the latest health and fitness facts.  All new information is tested and applied to determine what works and what doesn't.  We want to share what we've learned.  Join us in our blog.

Do it NOW, or later will become


Agility ladder
Straight leg sit-ups
Setting a record
Hip mobility with glute flex
Hammer curl to overhead press
TRX tricep extension
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